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Bangla it (bit) is specialized innovative IT solutions and complex Software prijects development Organization. Our company combines fundamental algorithmic rescarch activity with practica applications in programming, web development &intergration, multimedia development, custom IT systems design, testing and consulting. Through this compact integration of basic and applied activities, we manage to be at the forefront of the IT process.
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We have a wealth of website design& development experience, diverse technical skill set and resources to implement complex web development projects fromstart to finish. we bring exceptional value to clients through lowered website development costs and reduced time to market which helps improve the productivity and profitability of our clients.

>> We are provide total network solution,
    Office security system  & TV add 
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CCTV (closed circuit television) is hugely popular in both the commercial and private sectors, and offers users a system of monitoring and recording live images as well as acting as a deterrent. Images can be viewed on-site or remotely in a vast array of situations, including but not limited to warehouses, banks, stores, car parks and public areas

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We develop software solutions that are tailor made to the user's requirements. There are many ready made packages in the market but some business problems are such that either an off-the-shelf product may not be available or even if it is available then the chances of that package giving desired functionality are minimal. Therefore we first study the your requirements in detail and then we build a software specially designed for your needs.
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